What our customers have said...

Improving Profit Margins

“The two days that Tom spent at our dealership were beneficial to both the Sales and Operational sides of our business. We deployed several margin management initiatives in the weeks following Tom’s visit, which resulted in a 2-point increase in gross profit margins. Additionally, we looked at “right stocking” as it pertains to our business model and instituted more frequent management meetings to clear the path for better communication throughout the organization. Working with Tom has been a real plus for everyone concerned.”

Bill Jones - The Office City

Gaining Fresh Perspective


“Tom’s recent visit was great! He asked questions and made suggestions that went straight to our company bottom line. Having someone with his perspective come into our company made an immediate positive impact. Thanks Tom!”

-Diane Griffin, President - Radston’s Office Plus

Testing Innovative Ideas


“Working with Tom has been very helpful because he brings a resource of market-tested experience to the table and tells you what you need to do to improve in sales and margin management. Sometimes his suggestions are obvious and other times he brings ideas which we at Eaton Office Supply never thought of, which have produced real results.”

-Bruce E. Eaton, President - Eaton Office Supplies Co., Inc.

Utilizing New Strategies


“Tom, thanks so much for your intense 4-day workshop. Since your visit, we have driven more sales with higher margins. Our sales reps continue to use your strategies on a daily basis. Thanks so much for all your help.”

-Steve Woodall, President - Reliant Business Products