So, why would anyone write another book about sales when so many already exist?

Why should you spend your valuable time reading another sales book when you could update your Facebook or catch up on the sleep that you’re probably not getting enough of?


If you are looking for techniques to make the fastest sale or if you want to hone your manipulation skills, this book is definitely not for you. If you are already a great salesperson and close most of the business that you call on, enjoy your siesta with my compliments. However, if cold calling and the frequent rejection that comes with it causes you lose sleep at night; if the word relationship inspires you more than the word close; if you are afraid of being replaced by an online marketplace like Amazon; or, if you are in sales because you like helping people and making money, Dating the Gate Keeper might be worth a read.

Life truly is a sales job and over the past forty years or so I have been extremely successful at “the sales game.” I have studied numerous sales books, participated in, taught and modeled various techniques from PSS, Sandler, and Strategic Selling seminars. And yet, sometimes my heart aches, because too many dedicated people with excellent training pedigrees fail at sales.  

Why is failure so frequent among those who desire to be sales professionals?  Moreover, how can sales managers find ways to minimize the washout rate of the people that they are responsible for? These are the gut-wrenching challenges that made me want to write this book. 

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