Our initial consultation is free, and is designed to help you determine whether your company’s bottom line could be improved significantly by engaging with us. We will examine your P/L statements, margin trends, and customer loyalty indicators to help you decide what actions need to be taken to improve the overall profitability of the company. 

Areas of Expertise


Margin Enhancement and Customer Loyalty

We always manage these categories together, because we know that increasing prices always carries the risk of losing customers.  We work with you or your sales force to find ethical solutions to the challenges of customer retention, and turn your fears of losing customers into a new opportunity to increase their long term loyalty.


Internal Profitability

We function as your business counselor to help you acquire the best partners in profitability, from website design to diesel mechanics.  Our experience and success in the marketplace enables us to quickly find professionals with the right expertise to help your company make it to the next level.


Strategic Planning Assistance

How does your company make it to the next level of sales and margin growth?  These are issues that a business leader cannot discuss with just anyone.  The unique background that we bring to business improvement allows us to quickly understand the issues, giving a business owner or sales person a sounding board for the big decisions that need to be made.


Online Auction Response and Bid Training

We have won both traditional and online bids, including RFQ’s and RFP’s.  We have also generated bids and assisted with decision-making.   We can help you determine whether to respond to such requests and how to stand out within the bid process.


Customer Profitability Analysis

Are sales transactions with some of your customers actually costing you money?  We will analyze those transactions and help to raise your profitability without losing the customer.

Training in Cold calling

In today's world, where companies like Amazon dominate the sales market, successful cold calling can seem like an extremely daunting task. However, sales professionals have one advantage; the ability to build relationships. We offer personalized training in cold calling and give reps the opportunity to measure their success by competing in a live sales contest.


The approach of InterBizGroup is always carefully tailored to our customers’ needs.  We do not use boilerplate templates or preconceived notions of how to best serve you.  We listen first, and suggest ideas for change only after we fully understand the issues at hand.